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Post  Admin on Sat Oct 29, 2011 10:00 pm

Thank you to all who participate in this forum and abide by simple forum etiquette.

Please fill free to share your opinions, thoughts, feelings, and so on, BUT please leave your disrespectful words to yourself. I'd like this atmosphere to be an open and free discussion without people feeling ridiculed for their thoughts and feelings. Try to be mindful on how you phrase things.

I understand that some of these topics can get a little heated, because some are incredibly passionate about them. This does NOT excuse you from being respectful of others and minding your words. It's okay to be honest, but steer clear of curse words and derogatory language.

I know it may be difficult but try to use as much modest language as you possibly can as the site supports are allowed to disable to forum due to inappropriate language.

I also understand that the designated forum categories/topics may not be complete or they may overlap in some areas. This is okay, I won't scream and pitch a fit, if someone gets turned around in a specific topic area. Although, don't be surprised if I ask you to restart the topic in the correct area or (if I'm able to) move your postings to the correct area.

Thanks again! I hope this is a learning experience for everyone.

Now. Let's go talk about sex Very Happy


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