Where do you want to have your baby?

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Where do you want to have your baby? Empty Where do you want to have your baby?

Post  LittleFury on Sun Oct 30, 2011 7:34 pm

Where do you want to have your baby? Hardly anyone asks this question. Why? Many women and men do not know that they have options when it comes to birthing. Of course, options may be restricted based upon what insurance you have, but that doesn't take your personal choices and options away.

Several months ago I watched a documentary titled, "The Business of Being Born" directed by Abby Epstein. I thought that this was an introductory film, considering the documentary I just watched titled "Pregnant In America" directed by Steve Buonaugurio. This second documentary was much much more in dept and a tad bit less biased.

"Pregnant In America" is a documentary portraying how the medical field has dominated much of what happens with pregnant women (where they have the baby, how they have the baby, the process of birthing, etc.). There has also been covert and overt messages that make women fearful of the birthing process and convince many people that the only way to have a safe birth is to have it in a hospital environment.

This documentary challenges this notion that the only way to have a safe birth is at a hospital. In fact, it brings light to the many DISADVANTAGES of having a birth in a hospital. It definitely pushes the idea of women needing to take more control of their pregnancy and the process of birth. It advocates vaginal and natural birth over C-Sections and supplemental drugs used to induce labor or reduce pain experienced during the birth process. It makes viewers aware of the disadvantages of using traditional USA methods of medical birthing (the use of epidurals, induction methods, C-Sections).

This documentary follows a couple's pregnancy in its end stages until after the birth of their first child. I believe this makes the documentary that much more powerful in its message, because they are honest people with honest views. They go on this learning process to find out as much as they can about the Medical methods and fully experience all their options.

The overall message this documentary is sending is:

1) Women and their partners need to take more control of their pregnancy and birthing process.
2) Medical birthing is becoming more and more risky, because of the methods used in the birthing process.
3) Some medical intervention IS appropriate, but shouldn't be the first "go-to" solution.
4) Women are seen as being robbed of the natural birthing process that allows for the mother-child bonding to hold strong and fast. Women are robbed of the feeling of empowerment, when they are unable to do natural birthing methods.


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